Welcome to the Gallery section of WEES’! Here, we offer you a visual journey through the vibrant and dynamic life at our school. From academic achievements to artistic expressions, sports victories to community events, our gallery is a testament to the diverse experiences that shape our students’ lives.

Memorable Events

  1. Annual Day: Enjoy glimpses of our colorful and energetic Annual Day celebrations, where our students showcase their talents through performances that inspire and entertain.
  2. Annual Sports Day Gallery:Welcome to the Annual Sports Day Gallery of WEES’ English School. This is a space where we celebrate the spirit of sportsmanship, teamwork, and athletic prowess. Scroll through the images to relive the exciting moments of our annual sports extravaganza.
    Image Gallery: Explore the breathtaking moments captured during our Annual Sports Day. Click on each image to view it in full size.
  3. Republic Day Gallery:
    At WEES’ English High School, Republic Day holds a special place in our hearts. It’s a day of patriotic fervour, when our students pay tribute to the nation’s sovereignty and rich cultural heritage. Browse through our Republic Day Gallery to witness the pride and passion of our students.
    Image Gallery: Take a look at the snapshots from our Republic Day celebrations. Click on each image to get a closer look and feel the patriotic zeal.
  4. Independence Day Gallery:
    Independence Day is a momentous occasion for all Indians, and at WEES’ English School, we celebrate it with great fervour and respect. Explore the Independence Day Gallery to witness the solemn flag hoisting, patriotic performances, and the essence of freedom.
    Image Gallery: Journey through the moments that encapsulate our Independence Day celebrations. Click on each image to experience the patriotism and reverence of the day.
  5. Farewell: Witness the emotional moments of our farewell ceremonies as students take the next step in their academic journey, filled with pride and accomplishment.

Share Your Moments

We encourage our school community to share their own memorable moments from WEES’. If you have photos from events, competitions, or any school-related activities, we invite you to contribute to our gallery and become a part of our visual narrative.

Thank you for visiting the WEES’ Gallery. We hope these images convey the spirit and essence of our school and the remarkable journey of learning and discovery that unfolds here.