Message from the Secretary

Dear Students, Parents, and Community Members,

WEES’ English High School’s long history is intrinsically linked with the development of its mission: “Imparting Value-based education that helps create independent, free thinking individuals who will combine service with excellence”.

The 50th Anniversary marks an important milestone in the development of WEES’ English High School. It is truly a memorable occasion for our students, teaching and non-teaching personnel, alumni and friends. In my capacity as Secretary , it is my great pleasure to be part of these joyous celebrations.

I am delighted to welcome you to WEES’ English High School and would like you to join us on our journey to educational excellence. At WEES’ English High School we place the progress and wellbeing of our students at the centre of everything we undertake.

Through the past 50 years, WEES’ English High School has nurtured the talents to suit the changing education system. Along the way, WEES’ English High School has built up an enviable reputation as a hub for transfer of knowledge, a pioneer in education and  an exemplary provider of valuable services in the community. It evolved to become a reputed High School for parents seeking quality education .

This enormous success forces me to take a trip down the memory lane and reminisce the days when we started this Education Society in 1974 with only 32 students and a lone teacher whilst today we stand with a strength of 2600 students and 88 staff members.On this auspicious occasion we express our gratitude to every person who has played a role in this successful mission to build such an esteemed organisation.

Over the years, WEES’ English High School has maintained a strong academic ethos combined with an excellent pastoral system that forms the key to the success of our student, thereby building a formidable reputation of excellence in standards. The teaching and non-teaching personnel here are committed to providing excellent services both in and beyond the classroom. The teachers and management members are totally committed to achieving this and will pursue the highest possible aspirations for the pupils. We aim to grow creative, ambitious and caring young minds that will make unique contributions to the future. With our concerted efforts, I am confident that WEES’ English High School will continue to rise to challenges ahead and nurture talents for the globalized and knowledge based education of the 21st century.

Congratulations once again on achieving this memorable milestone.

Mr. Madanlal Sharma
WEES’ English High School