Guests of WEES

During the developing period of this institution, a string of very important personalities visited our school and expressed their happiness and satisfaction on the steady growth and development of the institution.

When the first concrete structure for our school building was constructed with the ground floor and first floor, it was formally inaugurated by Mr. D. Ramachandran, the then Thane Police Commissioner on 1st May 1982. Ever since we make it a point to invite subsequent commissioners on special occasions and we a have a long list of such eminent I P S officers like Mr. B. S. Mohite, Mr. D. Shivanandan, Mr. Vivek Phansalkar., Mr. Anil P. Dhere, Dr. Vinay Rathod, Mr. S. P. S. Yadav, and Deputy Commissioner of the Police like Dr. Vinay Rathod, Dr. Shreekant Paropkari, Mr. Ashok Morale.

Dr. M. R. Kurup, Founder Principal of Vaze College, Mulund visited our school on a couple of occasions as a Chief Guest.

Similarly other eminent personalities also visited our institution on special occasions. Dr. D G Deshpande the then Principal of Mulund College of Commerce was our Chief Guest on 22-12-2006 and inaugurated Annual Sports Meet, Mr. Venketesh Bhat, Deputy of Municipal Commissioner was our Chief Guest on 23-12-2007 and inaugurated Annual Sports Meet, Mr. Kumar Nair our Hon. Patron member was our Chief Guest on 12-1-2008 and inaugurated Annual Exhibition, Dr. P. M. Kamath President of V P M Kannada Association, Mulund was our Chief Guest on 14-1-2012 and inaugurated Annual Day Celebrations, Shri. R. A. Rajeev, Thane Municipal Commissioner was our Chief Guest on 5-1-2013 to inaugurate Annual Exhibition.

We are fortunate to have a small playground next to our school building No. 2. Thanks to Mr. T. N. Shinde, Developer of Shreenagar complex and our Hon. Patron Member who had inaugurated the same. It was donated to the institution by him and developed subsequently by us to its present form.