Past Presidents and Past Hon. Secretaries

It is quite natural that an institution which completes 40 years of its fruitful existence should have a long list of office bearers, but as far as the Wagle Estate Education Society is concerned it has only few such people whose dedication and commitment to this institution forced the members to re-elect them to continue their association with it through their selfless work. When this Education society was formed in 1974 late Mr. E. P. Menon was elected as Founder President and Mr. K. Surendran as Founder Secretary.


Late Mr. E. P. Menon, the founder President was subsequently re-elected unopposed 6 times as President followed by late Dr. M. M. Nathani 7 times, Mr. K. L. Sanap 5 times, Mr. M. K. Vivekanandan 5 times, Mr. A. P. Nanu 8 times, Mr. K. Ramchandran 3 times, Mr. S. G. Jawalkar once and Mr. P. V. Jose 5 times.


The Hon. Secretary’s post was held by Mr. K. Surendran 2 times, Mr. A. V. Jose once, Late Dr. M. M. Nathani 3 times, Mr. A. P. Nanu 6 times, Mr. K. Vijayan twice, Mr. E. S. Vasudevan 3 times, Mr. P. Bhaskaran 7 times, Mr. K. Ramchandran twice, Mr. P. V. Jose 4 times, Mr. Karunakaran Nair once, and Mr. Madanlal Sharma 8 times and presently he continues to occupy the chair of Hon. Secretary for record ninth time.

1974-79 —- Mr.E.P.Menon
1980-85 —- Dr.M.M.Nathani
1986-90 —- Mr.K.L.Sanap
1991 —- Adv.M.K.Vivekanandan
1992-93 —- Mr.A.P.Nanu
1994 —- Mr.K.L.Sanap
1995 —- Dr.M.M.Nathani
1996 —- Mr.S.G.Jawalkar
1997-1999 —Mr.K.Ramchandran
2000-2003 —Adv.M.K.Vivekanandan
2004-2006 —Mr.P.V.Jose
2007-2010 —Mr.A.P.Nanu
2011-2012 —Mr.P.V.Jose
2013 —-Mr.A.P.Nanu